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5 Communication Strategies

Communication is major in relationships. Communication is the exchange of a message from a sender(s) and receiver(s) through a communication channel. Every one involved in communication must be tested and trusted okay for a communication to be most effective. From the sender, communication channel and the receiver. The aim of communication is for the message to be gotten just the way the sender wants it delivered. There are situations where these sender is sender A and the receiver is receiving Z. The sender is sending peace and the receiver is receiving danger. Communication is not just about speaking thesame language, it is understanding the right meaning of what is spoken.

Here are 5 things to take note of in effective communication.

1.      Think it before you say it

Think those words before you say them out. Value of a word is not in the quality of a word spoken but in the quality of the word. The best unforgettable words of great men are quotes that speaks a million words yet very short. These words are not spoken without the thoughts of the thought leader who spoke it…every word spoken you be throughly garnished before delivered. You need to ask yourself…will this delivery deliver the message or deliver something else I did not say, will the receiver get angry receiving this or be pleased and fired up.

2.      No assumptions

Assumptions are communication killers. You cannot assume that the sender said something when you have not clearly ascertained. Because what he said sounds like Yes doesn’t mean he said yes or because what he saying looks like  he/she is reprimanding you doesn’t mean that is it…you need to be patient and you need to ask if what you heard is what they said.

3.      Explain Yourself

Don’t speak in quotes or parables. Take your time to explain yourself so that what you just said won’t be misconstrued. Break the words down to the level of the hearer.

4.      Listen for Response

If you are the sender, then you must be the receiver too. Because their is reply to whatever you have said. Always listen for reply. Listening is not waiting for your turn to speak. Listening is listening and being really interested in what the person is saying.

5.      Make it simple and clear.

Simplicity and clarity. The quality of a speech is not in the vocabulary used but in how well those words are understood. Make it clear, make it simple, ask questions to be sure they catch what you are trying to explain before you move to something else.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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