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5 great ways to Treat Your Parents in-law

Parents-in-law are our parents too and must be treated well. What are the things one can do to ensure they are treated well? We have made a list of 5 things to do below.

1.      Accept them

Parents-in-law must be accepted. They might not be rich, wealthy and influencial, they may not have connection or any idea on how to help, they may not be able to give and all they do is just take from you, they may not be too agile, they may be weak and sickly…they are still your parents-in-law and must be accepted as your parents. You cannot hide from them, you cannot stop picking their calls, accepting them is in treating them well, accepting them is in honouring them, accepting them is in visiting them, accepting them is in sending gifts to them. You cannot be wealthy while your parents-in-law are struggling to make ends meet. You must accept that they are your responsibility and must be catered for. Accepting them has nothing to do with their financial status but has everything to do with their accepting you as their son-in-law. They could have said NO!

2.      Understand them

You must relate with them in understanding. Most of the issues we have especially between wife and mother-in-law is basically the lack of understanding. Understanding comes from empathy, understanding comes from putting yourself in their shoes, understanding comes from accepting who they are and intentionally choose to be nice to them. Understanding them means knowing they are getting older and they should be treated with lots of care and attention.

3.      Don’t compete with them

There is your place, there is their place. There is no need for competition, just stay in your own place. Don’t try to take their place because they obviously are important to you spouse as much as you are. They have been there all his/her life for him, you just came around. You have a lifetime to spend with your spouse, they only have limited time remaining…don’t try to compete with in-laws, don’t look for how their child will hate and push them away. Always love and keep loving them no matter how difficult they may be.

4.      Call them

Put calls across. Don’t wait till they call before they call. Personally pick your phone and call them, ask after them and their business, ask if they need anything. They love when you call…it means to them that they are not forgotten. You may not have time to visit. But please don’t stop calling. Because one day, you won’t be able to call them again. They would have left you here to the great beyond and guess what? You will miss them.

5.      Send them gifts.

Gifts has a way of finding it’s way into a person’s heart. Your gift will make a way for you. Send them gifts. Get a personal shopper to go do their groceries at least once in 2 weeks on your bill. Let them know you will always come through for them. Your parents-in-law prayers are important over you too because as they pray for their child you got married to, the prayers comes into your life too.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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