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5 Guides to Good Parenting

Parenting is real work and should be treated as the most important work ever. Parenting is like giving you a plot of land to plant whatever you like on it, or a plain piece of paper to write whatever you want on it. Whatever parents sow into their children is what they will harvest while growing. Train up your child the way he should grow, when he grows up, he won’t depart from it. What we do and how we do as parents are very important. There is no specific way when it comes to parenting, here is our list of 5 things that should guide parents in carrying out their sacred work as parents.

1.  Always agree as parents

Children are really manipulative if allowed. Some will ask one thing from daddy if he says No, they will go and ask mummy. If Mummy says yes, then they have their way. They are smart enough to ask them not together so that they can have their way. Parents must always agree. If one saw yes first, the other should take it as yes. Even if there might be a reconsideration of the stand, this should be done later in the absence of their children. Parents must always stand together in order to be a great parent.

2.  Address every child’s indiscipline.

When a child does well, they should be commended and when they do otherwise, they should be rebuked. For a child, don’t sweep anything under the rug because they are quick to build habits, good or bad. The fast to address any wrong done before they build a bad habit. if they do anything wrong, don’t spare their rod when needed and don’t fail to explain why the punishment was given. Children are always right in their own ways, they want to ride their parents and subject the will of their parents to their own will. Be sure to let them know who the big boss is in the house, remember to do this in love.

3.  Children are both parent’s responsibilities

Who removes the diapers, who cleans and bathes the child, who wash the clothes, who dresses them up, who stands up if the child needs attention? Both parents. It’s the responsibility of the mother to breastfeed the child and this is because the man has a chest and not a breast. Although some men have accumulated breast fat. Here is the point, don’t let a child wait for a parent…mum or dad before they are attended to. Whenever attention is needed, both parents should and must be spontaneous.

4.  Understand every child’s uniqueness

every child is unique. Child A maybe Phlegmatic, and child B choleric and child C sanguine and child D melancholic. Child A will always be calm and unemotional, child B will be bad-tempered and irritable, child C will be optimistic and positive, Child D will be moody. You must be able to relate with them based on their personality and still help them have the best of life. Our role is also to help our children discover the area they are the smartest and help them build a life out of it.

5.  Always tell them why

This we have mentioned a little before. Children are really inquisitive. They want to know why 1+1=2, they want to know why the airplane is flying and not falling down, they want to know where babies come from…they are wired that way to help them learn fast. A good parent won’t ask the child to shut up. But rather encourage the child by answering those questions. Another way that a child needs to know is why they are being punished, why they are not allowed to do some things and go to some places…parenting is not autocratic, a smart parent must always have a why.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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