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5 Magic Words for Good Relationship

If you don’t know of the 5 magic words, then which world do you belong to? These are things taught children in life to help their emotional intelligence. Life shouldn’t be lived just minding your own business, there are situations where people will wrong on another as long as we keep meeting and relating with one another. Here are the 5 Magic words reintroduced to us as regards to running a smooth relationship.

1. Sorry

When you wrong someone, please say sorry. It’s important. If the other person is angry, just say sorry and let it slide. Don’t try and defend yourself l, just say sorry. Sorry and really meaning it will go a long way in dispute resolution. As long as we are interdependent, we will still continue to offend one another, hence the need to say sorry.

2. Please

Saying please is something you say when you want someone to do you a favour. No one owe you anything and you cannot go about asking people for favour with an entitled mindset. Can you please help me lift the load is different from help me lift the load. The first is asking for a favour, the other is commanding in an entitled way. So learn to say please even in relationships.

3. Excuse Me

Excuse me is used when creating awareness for passage. It’s to show you are coming and you will like to be allowed to pass. Or seeking for a turn to speak. Excuse me…with a raise of hands. Then you will be given permission to speak. Excuse me is important in our interpersonal relationships.

4. Thank you

If a favour is done, then you should say a Thank you. Ingratitude is a disease and gratitude is acknowledgement of receipt. If you have received something, then say thank you. If one refuse to say thank you even for the little things done, the doors of bigger favours are blocked. So in relationships, you must learn to say Thank You.

5. Pardon Me.

Ask for pardon. If your have committed an offence. This will reduce the weight of the purnishment meant to be mete. So ask to be pardoned. I am sorry, pardon me. This means give me a clean slate. Don’t force it, it’s yours to request for pardon as the offender, it’s left for the offended to issue out the pardon. Don’t push it, don’t sweat it, just ask sincerely and wait for response.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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