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5 must do things before divorce

Divorce is bad and some might get really ugly. It’s the breaking apart of what has fused into one. It doesn’t leave the partners whole again. There a large chunk of one another still in each other. Lots of 1st year marriages are experiencing bloody divorce all across the world. We have come up with simple things a man and a woman must do together before signing the divorce papers. I know some divorce a bloody, they don’t end well but if it’s possible to do these 5 things, please do.

1.  See a Counselor

The idea people have about counsellors might be wrong. Counseling is a very important profession and a lot of them went to school to study it a a course and also have deep wealth of experience. There are professional marriage counselors around and if you can’t find one, religious organizations like churches have counsellors who advice members according to the dictates of their religious faith. Before you divorce, both of you must agree to see a counsellor. Not in a bid to fix what is broken, but to be able to move on without grudge or bitterness. This is a moment where both persons must not hold anything back since there is nothing to lose anymore. It’s a moment of transparency. Just talk and speak and speak till there is nothing left in the dark.

2.  See your wedding album together

Wedding Albums. They carry a lot of sweet memories. Those moments where all you just want to do is to get done with the ceremony and rush to honeymoon to be alone with your spouse. The cakes, the dance, the happiness, the joy and all. See those things together. This will juggle your memory back to how things started. Couples are advised to always take plenty of pictures on their wedding days in order to cherish that moment forever. Before you sign the divorce papers, see the wedding album again.

3.  See the wedding video together

Okay…pictures first, then videos. Videos have a way of making things real. You get to hear your vows, the way you said I do; you get to watch the realness of that moment, the joy in those hearts of yours, the commitment in that moment to make the marriage work. See the wedding video together.

4.  Do one thing he’d love or she’d love you do

Just one more favour. You have been together and you know what your partner loves. So do this thing one last time as a favour. It might be a night out at a favourite restaurant, it might be seeing a movie, it might be helping with a house chores, it might be going on a vacation. Just do in order to satisfy the person one last time before divorce.

5.  Have a good Sex.

If there are promptings to have sex, then please go ahead and have a good sex. There are possibilities that after going through these 5 steps, you may not want to divorce again. Remember what brought your marriage back are those 5 things which you must keep doing. Visit a counsellor from time to time as a couple, be transparent with each other, do one another a big favour everyday, have good sex, see your wedding album and video together from time to time.

We wish you best of luck in your marriage.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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