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5 Reasons you should be married

Why should people get married? Your reason must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. Here are some of the reasons why you should be married. There are so many other reason, but here are our 5 topmost reasons for getting married.

1.  Companionship

“It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him an help sweetable for him” being alone is not good. Therefore having a company is better. Not just any company but a very good company. Will she be a good companion? Will he be a good companion? This is very Key in marriage. Some people are married and yet alone. They are always on business trips, miles away from one another. Sometimes they don’t see for years; they have defiled one of the main reasons for marriage…Companionship.

2.  Partnership

“Can 2 work together except they be agreed?”. Marriage is partnership. Not showmanship or competition. You are forming an alliance that is stronger that one person being alone. One can do a thousand tasks; the power of partnership in Marriage will make two persons do Ten thousand tasks. Partnership is good and it’s one of the reasons we get married. For increased productivity. When purpose or the strength of a thing is not discovered, abuse is inevitable, likewise; the purpose of your marriage must be discovered in order to maximize it’s potential. Not just the strength of your marriage…but the strength of both partners.

3.  Making Babies

Another reason for marriage is procreation. Coming together of a man and a wife in a sexual exercise which leads to the fussing of Sperm and Egg to develop a baby. This is what must happen in marriage except both partners agree not to have children. Children are sweet. They are legacy carriers, they help continue a lineage. They are sweet when they are small and sweeter when they are older.

4.  Enjoying Sex

Sex is a beautiful thing. It is sweeter in the confinement of marriage. One of the reasons of getting married is to make love. Love in any style and time with a faithful partner. Sex is so good and if you are not enjoying it in marriage, it can be learnt because enjoying it is a must. Marriage and sex are together.

5.  Fulfilling Purpose Together

Finally, there is a purpose for every marriage. Apart from companionship, sex, partnership, making babies…every marriage has a purpose to fulfil on Earth. There are 2 key things to accertain if a purpose is great. The first will be to check if the purpose is not against God, another this to check for is if the purpose is not against humanity. In a nutshell, a good purpose must be for God and must be for the better good of humanity. There is a purpose you both must fulfil together, and marriage will create the platform of 2 coming together in holy matrimony before God and man to fulfil that purpose.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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