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5 Secrets to Good Sex in Marriage

Sex can be ranged from bad to moderate to good and to very good. There is no feeling that can be compared to having really good sex. Our aim is to torchlight the things to consider in having very good sex in marriage.

1.  Prepare

There is nothing prepared for that is done better. If only we can spend a little time to just prepare for the things we do, we will be exceptional. There is a need to also prepare when or come to sex. Preparation shouldn’t spoil the spontaneity of sex… Spontaneity in the sense that you can have sex anytime, anywhere, anyway. Some have had sex in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, sitting room, on the freezer, on the floor, moving from one chair to another. How can one prepare for sex? Be extra nice to your partner all day. What you are doing is to save in her account which you are likely to withdrawal whenever you ask for sex. In Preparation, on special occasions like anniversaries, people go the extra mile to prepare. They buy highly provocative underwear,  candles, flowers, nice cologne and all. Planning and preparation should also be applied to sex.

2.  Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is simply the art of saying words or coining sentences that are encoded and decoded to mean…lets have sex. Talk dirty to your wife, while wives must also learn to talk dirty to their husbands. I will beat you with my rods, these are words one can use to mean real beating or beating sexually. This will set the pace for what is expected to happen as regards sex.

3.  Foreplay

Men and women are biologically conditioned differently. Women are late starters and latecomers when it comes to sex, while men are early starters and early comers when it comes to sex. This is why the man must give the woman grace to be active before the real sex commences. There are strategic places that can be touched and handled for better sexual experience. Does it mean that men don’t need foreplay? Men actually enjoy being used as a microphone. This is foreplay.

4.  Communication

Should I bend a little, okay touch that place…yes, just keep going, that position is very painful, stop it, let me come on top…there is need to properly communicate in order to achieve excellence on sex. No assumptions that she is loving or he is loving the position. It’s important that both parties involved take time to communicate effectively.

5.  Don’t come yet

Finally, for a man…the come is the end of the round. So don’t come yet and put your spouse on the hang. Let me share this. The responsibility of the man is to please the woman during sex. The responsibility of the woman is to please the man during sex. Here is the golden rule…don’t come until you have pleased the other person.


What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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