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5 things to do together for fun.

Things can get boring in relationships, especially in marriage. Doing the same thing over and over again. Doing nothing new and just waking up and sleeping daily. This can be worrisome which is why it’s important to add a little fun to your relationship from time to time. This is our list of things to do together in relationships for fun…apart from sex. I know these might look simple, but these simple things are the things that matter in relationships. They are not hard so that no one can give excuses for not having access to knowing how to do them.

1.  Play games

Games can be indoor games as well as outdoor games, games can be exercise, games can be riddles and jokes, games can be as simple as pillow fights and all. Marry your friend, if you have not married your friend, probably married your Daddy or your Mummy…then just convert him to a friend. It makes the relationship sweater. Play Ludo, Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Scrabble…

2.  Take a walk

Morning trek or evening trek is fun. You can decide to take a walk together, for exercise, for fun…you get to discuss as you are both walking hand in hand. You take a selfie too…these are beautiful moments you can’t but keep in your archive of love. This is why it’s important for a couple to cherish those days they have no cars because someday…they will have the car and their usual ‘walk and talk’ will be ‘drive and get to destinations quickly with little or no talks’. Even when situations like this come to play…then you should create time aside to just take a walk.

3.  Travel together

Vacations… After a whole year of work, people get that break to travel and visit the world. It’s compulsory in a government-owned establishment to have a full month leave of absence where a worker can get paid and just rest all month. Even if you are working in your own business or a privately owned business, then there will still be free days given solely for a particular worker to go rest. There will always be a time of the year to travel. Traveling is not a waste of time or valuable resources. Traveling is beautiful, traveling is a form of education by itself, you get to see great sights, historical places, and just rest. A vacation is sweeter with your lover with you. You move around, enjoy the sights and enjoy the hotel rooms too..

4.  See a movie

Yes… Go to the cinema. I know you have a TV set at home. Just go to the cinema and enjoy the movie on the big screen. Buy popcorn and some drinks. Both of you resting on each other, shoulder and just enjoy the movie

5.  Eat out sometimes.

Eat out. You cannot eat-in every day of the year. In fact, some persons take a day of the week to eat out depending on their budget. Do you know that eating out can also be on low budget spending? you don’t need all the money in the whole world before you enjoy good food in a very beautiful restaurant. Enough of the routine meals. Let’s go taste some meals together. Let the kitchen and the cook take a break from time to time.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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