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5 Things to do together in Marriage

We will like to say that there are possibilities that things become boring in marriage. Seeing the same face every day having sex with the same person, some even use the same style for sex every time. Things can become really boring…even food and taste; in case they are not improving. It will take decisive effort to add fun to a boring marriage just the way it will take intentional efforts to smile after you mistakenly hit your fingernails with a hammer.

Apart from sex and reinventing sex in different styles and methods…and having it spontaneously everywhere around the house especially before the children start arriving; here is our list of 5 things that should be done regularly in marriage to keep off boredom.

1. Talk Together.

Talk Together.

Talking is very important in marriage for couples. Someone said, “what couples do the most is talk”. They just gist about different things and laugh. They think about something else and laugh again. They remember some of their past escapades, share it and laugh, they discuss how their day went. Women will do lots of talking only a few ones don’t…so advising women to talk is not advisable because it’s part of their make up. But advising a man to talk is great advice If you ask most men, how was your day…he responds in one word… Fine, Great… and that is all. If you ask a woman, you hear a whole lot of how she went and came and how the cabman insulted her and a whole lot of other things. Take intentional effort to gist. It keeps the marriage alive. This is why you must marry your friend.

2. Plan Together

Plan Together

It’s important to plan the future together as married persons. How you are going to meet a target, get a property, and all. So plan together. Planning together is very vital in marriage because it gives both parties a sense of being carried along. Plan on the home budget together. Budget is a really good tool in managing a home’s finance. Plan things together and budget money for all the items on your budget list. Plan which schools the children will go to, how they will go and all that…planning helps you both to be partners in progress.

3. Build Together

Build Together

Apart from those who just buy a house that is fully completed and furnished, building a house from the foundation is fun and beautiful. You have a sense of belonging and ownership. The reason while most persons desert their marriages may be as a result of little or no investment in the marriage. As a couple, you must build together. Building together is vital and very important. Build your home together, build your house together, build your finance together, build and grow your children together. Watch them grow… build your investments together.

4. Pray Together

Pray Together

A family that prays together stays together. You must have heard that before. Prayer is spirit communication. It means if you are praying on the same things and minding the same things during prayer, then your spirit is bonding already which will go a long way in ensuring unity and togetherness in homes. It’s always a thing of joy when praying together and you desire something and ask for it in prayer and you receive that thing physically, the feeling is more than eating pizza…this alone will help build the trust you have for one another.

5. Play Together

You can know how to play alone, for instance, some persons can spend all day on their phones just chatting and enjoying their time on social media. Husbands and wife facing their phones even while they said they are playing together… please play together. Pillow fights, indoor games, outdoor games, and all. Play together. Tiptoe and tickle her while she is busy doing something. Don’t always take everything seriously…relax and play. This will really help your marriage.

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