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5 Things to Know about Her.

Here are 5 basic things you should know about her. She can look strong, hard, independent, and really bossy…but behind those hard-core are these basic things about her that you should note.

1.  She wants to be heard

Everyone wants to be heard, she just wants to know you are listening. She wants to know you are sensitive to her unspoken words too. Nonverbal communication is said to have a larger share in the overall communication, which is why even her not speaking at all, is still speaking and wants to be heard. Don’t be fast in proferring solutions to her problems, sometimes she just wants to talk and pour out her mind on the matter.

2.  She wants to be loved

Husband, love your wife. Men want to be loved. Once a man accepts you love him, that settles it. But when a woman accepts you love her, it’s settled till the next morning because she needs assurance every blessed day. Take your time to show her love, speak her love language, help her, buy her gifts, tell her you love her and say other sweet things in between, spend time with her and make love (if you are married)

3.  She wants to be held

She doesn’t want sex all the time, sometimes she just wants to be in your arms, talk, and sleep off. Intimacy, companionship, a big hug, cuddle…those are the words in her head sometimes. So hold her and just enjoy the moment.

4.  She is Emotional

I do not say this in an attempt to weaken the persons of women. Women are wonderful person, they should be presidents of countries, governors of States, leaders in business, and in Technology where they are already leading already but not dominating yet as in numbers of women. Women deliver when it matters and they are good managers. That doesn’t change the fact that she might be hard one out there…but she is your baby, your wife and you are the caretaker of that emotional side of her. Some men will feel intimidated their woman is taking over the world, you are still her manager, you are indispensable, she is still your baby so help her relax when she is at home and attend to her emotional needs.

5.  She is delicate

Delicate does not mean weak. Delicate means being handled with care and taken care of. If your wife looks like your Mummy or grandmother, this can be traced back to how you have allowed her to use herself for hard labour. Relieve your wife of certain responsibilities when you are available. Get her a domestic staff if you can afford one. She is yours to take care of…she is not another man in the house, don’t take of her as such.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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