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5 Things to Know About Him

Yesterday we talked about the things you should know about her. Before the feminists start talking. Today is dedicated to knowing him. Here are some 5 basic facts about him. You can know a million things about him, which is really very okay. But If you miss out on these 5 basic things, it’s a really dangerous thing to do as a wife or a fiancee. Apart from sex, let’s discuss these 5 things.

1.  He wants to be respected

Men, all their makeup craves for honour and respect. No man wants to marry a woman who doesn’t honour and respect him. Respect is not in kneeling down to greet him every morning or serving his meal on your knees. Not at all, respect is in allowing him first, respecting his opinions, speaking so highly of him, present or absent, and all other things in between. Don’t marry a man you cannot respect and honour. But the fact that you cannot respect him might be some personal issue with you that should be sorted out. If it’s not an issue with you, then don’t marry you cannot respect. Don’t marry out of pity or pressure. You know he is irresponsible and you dragged him to alter, then now you are trying to make a responsible person out of him… I wish you all the best in your task.

2.  He is strong Physically

Except in rare cases, a man is physically strong. Don’t fight him, bully him, slap him to the point where he feels he should fight back in defense. He is physically strong means that he can literally protect you…and if he cannot; don’t blame him. Strength is relative; that your husband is the strongest in your house doesn’t mean he is the strongest in every other place. Allow him to protect you. The fact that he is physically strong might mean that he burns calories faster which might mean that he will want to eat more than you, which might mean that he loves food.

3.  He is Logical

He takes his time to process things. Don’t expect a man to give you a response on an issue immediately. He is thinking about it, let him think. Don’t label him useless because he is not saying anything yet, let him think and come up with a way out…you will then hear him talk like the champion that he is..give him time, he is thinking.

4.  He talks less

Except for rare exceptions, He loves to give a summary. How was work today?… Fine; but ask a woman how was work today? She will tell you pre-work, work, and post-work experience. Except for a few exceptions when it comes to women..they can talk.  You can actually help him lead on the conversation. If he says fine, then ask probing questions further or bring something back from the previous conversation. He is likely to talk and keep talking if you ask further.

5.  He needs support

Even superman still needs help and support. Because your husband has the hard face, structure, and build do not mean he doesn’t need support. So please support him with words and actions. Support him with prayers, tell him the project he is starting is possible. Tell him you love and trust him and you are always with him. This saying is valid…beside every successful man, there is a woman. Be that woman that will support your husband to his Success.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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