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5 Things to note About Break Up

Break up is a serious thing in relationships. It’s is un-saying the said interest in the person you already said you love. Before you feel and become so bad about receiving a breakup, let me tell you somethings about breakup.

1. The initiator’s mind is made up.

Breakup is not a warning. The warning, the warning happened earlier. Some will verbalize their displeasure about the relationship, some will show it in their behaviour. Some warnings are tangible while some can be overlooked. But the real breakup itself if not a warning. The person have spent months considering this move before the eventually say it.

2. Don’t beg to remain together

With the wisdom that it was premeditated, please don’t beg and be disgracing yourself and your generation. Infact, don’t cry at that spot. Leave the place with your dignity intact. You can get home and cry but not there. Don’t beg anyone to remain in your life. If they want to go, let them go.

3. Understand what caused it

There is something that caused breakup. It might be because he/she doesn’t really care from the beginning. The relationship might be in a bid to get money or sex, connection…and once this is acheived the relationship suddenly becomes a burden. Therefore, most times, the relationship was headed for breakup from the very beginning. It is not about what you did right or did not do right. It’s just meant for the breakup. So try to understand the cause of the breakup.

4. Avoid future reoccurrence

Once understood, try to avoid any future reoccurrence. This is not a call to be uptight about prospects, it’s a call to critically scrutinize anyone who claims to be in love with you or you claim to be in love with for their intentions. Whenever a lady says yes to a man, it’s the responsibility of the man to ask for why she said that yes. Also, if the break up was as a result of not giving one another enough attention, this can be avoided to be the cause of other breakups.

5. Give it time to heal

Don’t jump out of one relationship only to jump into another. Surface healing is always painful because every wound needs to heal from the inside. So give it time to heal. Don’t blame yourself for feeling bad about the situation, it means you are hurting and needs healing. Embrace healing. Spend time in the company of friends, pray, read books and the scripture, seek the help of mature minds, get rid of things that might bring hurts back. Don’t breakup and still keep pictures of your ex all around the house. Heal and allow the healing.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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