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5 Ways to Keep Your Husband Forever

The rate of divorce has really increased in recent times. Lots of marriages don’t even see the first 6 months of their marriage in good condition. Lots of fights already and disunity. This is more reason why there is a need to examine things one can do as a woman in marriage to have a very happy man. I know feminists will be like, why should a woman do anything…we will address what a man should be doing tomorrow. Today is dedicated to addressing what women should be doing.

1.  Cook good food

Anyone can cook. But to keep your husband forever, you must give him good food. Because it’s easy to get a man’s attention using food. So if you are not doing it, just pray someone single and searching is not doing that for him already. Take your time to cook good food. What do you cook? After rice, semo, yam, wheat, spaghetti, noodles, beans… Food gets boring when it becomes routine without varieties. YouTube has one of the largest collection of dishes…you should visit youtube an search for delicacies. You will see practical steps for preparing most meals. If you still cannot cook, then you should get domestic help while you work on your culinary skills.

2.  Serve him like a king

Cooking is not enough, anyone can cook but not anyone should not serve the food, and it should not be served anyhow. The reason why some foods are especially expensive is not as a result of the dish but as a result of the service. Take your time to serve him as a king. Don’t just ask him to go pick his food from the warmer or from the freezer, serve him like the king that he is. The point is when he is treated like a king, then he treats you like the queen that you are because there is no king without a queen.

3.  Have a basic knowledge of his work

The reason most couples have nothing to discuss is that they have very little in common and they know practically nothing when it comes to the business or trade of their partner. So please, make a decisive effort to learn or at least know what your husband does for a living so that you both can have some things to discuss and he can tell you about work, what is happening there, the project they are working on and all. You will also be able to contribute intelligibly to discussions.

4.  Give him good sex

Make love to him. After food for man, his second-highest need is sex. The reason why prostitutes have most men to themselves is that they have mastered the art of pleasuring a man and men feel pleasured by them. I am not saying prostitution is good, what I am saying is that you must master the art of pleasuring your husband. This can be learnt over a period of time upon practice and communication during sex. Learn the right postures that move him most, learn the right sexual moves and all. I am not in any way saying pornography is an option…in fact, pornography is a form of sexual dis-education and should be avoided.

5.  Don’t disturb his sleep

Let him rest whenever he chooses to rest. A man just wants to rest whenever he wants to rest. The last thing he wants is being disturbed. When a man’s sleep is disturbed there is a possibility of catching a headache. Don’t disturb his sleep. Let him rest. Only wake him up if there are very important and urgent things you need him to attend to.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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