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5 Ways to Keep Your Wife Forever

Yesterday we were able to address how a woman can keep his man forever. Today we are doing things differently. We are addressing how a man can keep his woman forever. The threat of losing one’s partner is not limited to the woman alone but also to the man. There is a situation whereby a woman gets fed up and decides to carry her baggage and leave the man and the children to go and be single again; how can one avoid such occurrences? This and more we will be discussing under the  5 things to do to keep your wife forever.

1.  Tell her you love her

Wives, respect your husbands, husbands, love your wife. Love is not just in the saying of it, love is also and mostly in the doing of it. But out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak; so women want to hear it more often. The word…”I Love You”. Men might not see any reason to hear it after their wedding day but women want to hear it every day after the wedding day.

2.  Give her money

Women love money, so give her lots of money because she has lots of things to buy. A woman who is satisfied with money is almost 50% satisfied. The remaining 50% can be sorted out doing the remaining 4 things in the list of 5 things. She wants to buy human hair, she wants to change her wardrobe, she wants to go for pedicure and manicure, she wants to travel and go on vacation. She wants her kitchen stocked with all the good things money can buy, she wants her home neat, clean, and classic. She needs lots of money.

3.  Give her good sex

Women love good sex and for them, it is not good enough when they don’t reach orgasm. She wants the foreplay and tongue thing, she wants to be touched specific places, she wants you to moan as you drive her screw right with your screwdriver, she wants to enjoy sex and be satisfied. Whenever a woman tastes a guy that is really good at satisfying them sexually, they stick to that man for a very long time.

4.  Listen to her talks

Most women talks. They love chats and gists and all. And they are not mad to be talking all by themselves. So they need the service of a listener who happens to be their husband. Don’t ask her to shut up, don’t try to solve her problem, don’t castigate her…just listen, nod, smile, laugh, wow…and every other thing in between. You are good to go.

5.  Commend her looks.

We are late…we are late…you have been in front of that mirror for hours. What are you doing?… Don’t be like that? She is all dressed for you to commend. All her effort will be wasted without your commendation. Wow…you are looking astonishingly beautiful. Wow…my queen, look at you; you are so adorable. Take a moment to commend here looks, her foods, her works, are activities, her inputs and all. Take a moment to appreciate her. She thrives better in an atmosphere of love and gratitude.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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