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5 Ways to know he needs help

Lots of stories of men who killed their wives due to domestic violence. Marriage is commitment but it’s not a do or die affair. There might be need to run for one’s life when the man in the relationship has suddenly become aggressive and inhumane. Seek help when you see these signs in your partner.

1.  If he beats you

Someone said…the a man seizes to be a man is the day he raise his hand to be his wife. A woman could have married any other person, yet she chose you, better offers, more handsome men, richer men, men who are better care givers…yet she chose you despites you insufficiencies. If all you can do is to beat her, then such a man is an ingrate. A normal man is a mess, the woman comes in a turns mess to sense. She deserves accolades.

2.  Will never apologize

Any man who never apologizes should seek for help. It’s not a virtue, it’s a delinquency. Sorry will save you a lot of stress. If you can’t, then learn it. Start by saying it whenever she accuses you of doing something wrong. Even if you think she is incorrect, still say sorry before you try to explain.

3.  Will not take responsibility

This is a major issue among men. Boys claiming to be men, they impregnate women and run from responsibilities. Before you insert your manhood into her womanhood, you need to ask…will I be able to take care of a child that comes as a result of this? If not, then don’t do it. If a man cannot take care of his wife and children, let him not get married yet. Marriage is not by force.

4.  He is stingy

If he cannot give. Stingy men are everywhere. They give to their exchorts at the slightest opportunity they get but their wife must write a budget and then come and present and defend the budget before they can release half of the fund. They intentionally forget your birthday, they break up with you before Valentine’s day and reunite again after Val. He needs help. Your money should be visible on your wife and not on mistresses

5.  Hates your parents.

Relationships is not just you and your partner, it also include families and friends although they are part of your relationship from a distance. But hating your partner’s family is trouble. Such a man needs help. If you see all these signs or most of it in your man, they are signs he needs help.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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