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5 Ways to Know She Needs Help

Yesterday, we discussed for men; today our discussion centers around women. At what point should start getting worried about your female partner, at what point should she be asked to seek for help in a relationship? Here are our list of 5 things to consider to know if your woman needs help.

1. She hates your parents

Some women don’t like to have mother-in-law. I think that is pure witchcraft. If you don’t want mother-in-law, you are digging early grave for yourself because your daughter-in-law won’t want you too. If she hates your parents, she needs help.

2. She is strong willed

Stubborn wives are always fighting for supremacy with their husbands. If she is strong willed, she needs help. Strong willed is different from having a woman who has good confidence. Every man deserves a wife who is confident but not strong willed. If her husband said A should be done, she will say Z should be done and won’t bulge until Z is done. A strong willed woman needs help.

3. She disrespects you

Respect. Husbands, love your wife and wives, respect your husband. Respect is not in kneeling down for him; respect is in defending his interest either he is there or not. Respect is listening to him and considering whatever he says. Respect is honouring him in all things and at all places. Respect is obeying him. A woman can be the head at work, even in church. But at home, the man is the head and should be respected. Any woman who disrespects her husband needs help by all means.

4. She cannot cook

If she cannot cook, she obviously needs help. Because one of the ways to please a man is to prepare him good meals. A woman who cannot cook and doesn’t want to learn how to cook should not get married. Children should learn how to cook as they grow up and their mother is in the best position to teach them. If she cannot cook, then she needs to learn it. This singular act of not knowing how to cook has led a lot of marriages to infidelity because he who attends to the stomach owns the man.

5. She is untidy

A dirty woman needs help. A woman is meant to come into an untidy place and transform it into a palace…if a woman comes into a man’s life and his appearance and tidyness does not improve then such woman hasn’t discovered her place. The world is filled with a lot of lazy women who are spoiled and wants to make themselves a standard for every marriage. If she is unkempt, untidy and unclean…she needs help.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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