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5 Ways to reduce wedding Cost

Weddings are expensive. From Aso-ebi, wedding gown, suits, traditional attire, Foods, drinks, event centers, dowry, and a whole of other expenses.

How can you cut on the wedding  expenses?

1.  Make it strictly by Invitation

Whoever is not invited should not be there. One major reason why Invitation Card is made is to ensure that only invited guests are welcome. Anyone without the wedding invitation card will be politely asked to leave the wedding premises. In order to cut on the wedding expenses, budget the number of persons you can host at your wedding comfortably, print that exact number of Invitation cards… remember to put strictly by Invitation of the card. Give the card to only the people you are expecting.

2.  Fix it  on a weekday

Another way to reduce cost if to change the norms of wedding by fixing yours on a weekday, Monday preferably. Very few persons will be able to attend hence reducing the cost of hosting too many people. This is not stinginess, it is wisdom.

3.  Let it be done in one venue

What about doing your engagement, having your priest conduct the solemnization ceremony right after the engagement and the reception of guests coming up right there. This will reduce cost and stress of transporting from Home to Church to event center…

4.  Make your dress simple

Wedding gowns should not be flamboyant. It’s what you wear for just one day and you won’t wear it again. Get the tailor to make something simple but very classical. Then wear it like the queen you are. Get a very nice but not over expensive Tux. That can still be worn after the ceremony.

5.  Ensure a one day event.

Finally…stop having weddings as a full week event. Cut things to a 1 day event. Every thing can be done at thesame venue and on thesame day. this will reduce cost of feeding people on different days of the wedding.

Newly married couples who are not prepared for the reality of married life might be tempted to spend all their life savings on the ceremony and leave them marriage to suffer lack. The wise thing to do will be to cut cost and save for marriage. Wedding is only for a day, marriage commences after the wedding day and it will last for a very long time.

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