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5 Ways to Support Your Partner

How can we support our partner? This is something we must do consciously. Supporting someone is not just is saying : “I am in support of what you are doing”. Supporting someone is on doing some things intentionally that will count as support. Here is our list of 5 things you can do to to show support for your partner.

1. Pray

Pray. In all things, prayer is key. The one who prays for someone day in and day out is a number one and most important supporter. The best way you can support your partner is to pray for them. Prayer is Spiritual although done physically. It’s an act of invoking the participation of God in the physical realm. Pray for your partner about the contract. What will prayer do? Prayer will do everything and anything. Please pray.

2. Check up on them

You support someone by checking them up on the task, at work, on site, after an interview. Someone told you he was going to defend a contract and he went all day and you did not even deem it important to place a call across to know how it went, and even when they came back, they had to remind you before you ask. Support is in asking and placing a call across.

3. Understand if they are busy

Support is in giving them their free space whenever they are busy. There might be times they need to deliver a job, complete a project, write a book, personal alone time like a retreat to plan and strategize. You must support them by letting them be and concentrate on the task at hand. This might involve relieving them of some tasks. This is one way of showing support.

4. Be their number one fan.

Take music stars fans for instance, they listen to the music, attend the concert, follow on social media, share their posts, brag about them, pay and buy their CDs and album’s, download their songs and even pray for them. Likewise, for your partner, whatever might be their trade or business, you must be their number one fan. you must take full interest in what they do and support them.

5. Ask and learn how you can help.

How can I be of help? Sometimes, you don’t just assume a role of support…you have to ask for the place you best fit to support your partner. Where your support is most needed and will be well appreciated. So ask. How can I be of help to you?

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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