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Parents-in-law are our parents too and must be treated well. What are the things one can do to ensure they are treated well? We have made a list of 5 things to do below. 1.      Accept them Parents-in-law must be accepted. They might not be rich, wealthy and influencial, they may not have connection […]
How can we support our partner? This is something we must do consciously. Supporting someone is not just is saying : “I am in support of what you are doing”. Supporting someone is on doing some things intentionally that will count as support. Here is our list of 5 things you can do to to […]
Saying sorry can be a little bit difficult if one does not know how to go about it. Here are our list of 5 Ways to say sorry. 1. Say it Just say Sorry. It’s not that hard once it come out. Let go of your super ego and pride and just let it out. […]
Break up is a serious thing in relationships. It’s is un-saying the said interest in the person you already said you love. Before you feel and become so bad about receiving a breakup, let me tell you somethings about breakup. 1. The initiator’s mind is made up. Breakup is not a warning. The warning, the […]
Communication is major in relationships. Communication is the exchange of a message from a sender(s) and receiver(s) through a communication channel. Every one involved in communication must be tested and trusted okay for a communication to be most effective. From the sender, communication channel and the receiver. The aim of communication is for the message […]
If you don’t know of the 5 magic words, then which world do you belong to? These are things taught children in life to help their emotional intelligence. Life shouldn’t be lived just minding your own business, there are situations where people will wrong on another as long as we keep meeting and relating with […]
Pregnancy is a very delicate period that must be treated with care. None is an expert on matters arising during these period that midwives and Doctors, they should be allowed to do their job. Which is why the best and first place to go when pregnancy is discovered is the hospital. Here is our list […]
Yesterday, we discussed for men; today our discussion centers around women. At what point should start getting worried about your female partner, at what point should she be asked to seek for help in a relationship? Here are our list of 5 things to consider to know if your woman needs help. 1. She hates […]
Lots of stories of men who killed their wives due to domestic violence. Marriage is commitment but it’s not a do or die affair. There might be need to run for one’s life when the man in the relationship has suddenly become aggressive and inhumane. Seek help when you see these signs in your partner. […]
Weddings are expensive. From Aso-ebi, wedding gown, suits, traditional attire, Foods, drinks, event centers, dowry, and a whole of other expenses. How can you cut on the wedding  expenses? 1.  Make it strictly by Invitation Whoever is not invited should not be there. One major reason why Invitation Card is made is to ensure that […]
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