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What is Love in 5 Ways?

Love is one of the most used words ever and yet very few know the worth of the word love. Professing your love for someone by saying “I love you” is more than those words; those words means something…those words doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you…it means you truly love the person. They are not words you say to catch attention…if you wanted attention, you could have just said…Excuse me or Pardon!!! But the words: I Love You, they mean commitment, they mean a lot or things and that is exactly what we will be sharing in this article.

1.  Love is putting the other first

If you have to choose between eating and the other person you love eating the food because it’s barely enough to carry you both, what will you choose? Love is saying…eat the food; don’t worry I am still okay. Love is the other person saying… let’s eat it together despites that it won’t be enough for us both. So, in love there is much sharing. Someone said, 5 persons can live together in a room for a long time if there is Love.

2.  Love is giving

Professing love and you have not given anything is not Love. For every love, there must be a deposit. For example, God LOVES the world and he GAVE his own son. There is no love without giving. You must give as a sign of love. Give to her and give to him. There more be an exchange. What are the things worth giving in relationships.
  • Time… Every Relationship is built on time committed into the relationship. They want to be together, spend time together, they find each other’s company interesting and if there is any reason to be apart, they do it grudgingly
  • Gifts…You give gifts in love. Celebration gifts, appreciation gifts, surprise gifts. There is something about surprise gifts that makes it yield better results than giving gifts on birthdays and other occassion. No one expects a surprise gift or feel entitled to it, but people feel you should be able to give them something or birthdays and other anniversaries.
  • Attention. This might look like time, but it’s not time. Attention means you are together and you are really together. Not that both of you are together and yet on laptops running personal Businesses or on social media all that time. You must both decide to intentionally give each other attention in love. Attention is when you are busy and their calls comes in and you excuse yourself to pick their calls…
  • Emotions. Emotions can be a little annoying if it’s too much, but you can give your emotions in love. Be vulnerable a little and just show your partner how much you love them.

3.  Love is trusting

Show me a relationship without trust and I will show you that there is no love in that relationship. Trust can be broken, but if not broken…don’t give room to doubt the person you love. Trust is when a friend call that they saw another woman with one’s husband and the person just said okay and did not take it personally because she knows that her husband will never be involved in such. Trust is love and love is trust.

4.  Love is not hurting

How will anyone hurt the person you claim to love. That crazy. All you men beaters… This might look strange, there are some women who actually beat their man, knowing fully well they are more powerful than him… physically, spiritually and financially. So they ride him anyhow. That is hurting and you cannot do that in love. Women beaters…this is the common type. Men beating women. It’s one thing a man must never do. Boys must be trained to love all the women in their lives. In an atmosphere of love, there cannot be hurt. There should be nothing like fake love. It’s either love or it’s not love.

5.  Love is Understanding the other

Understanding is key when it comes to love. You must understand the other person. Why do they act they way they do? You must seek to understand them. Understand their emotions, understand their lifestyles and accept them for who they are. We don’t mean accepting toxic behaviours. Understanding is one of the main reasons why marriages last back in the olden days. Understanding can be acheived in an atmosphere when empathy reigns. Empathy is putting yourself in their place and try to imagine what they are feeling or going through.

What do you think? You should add to this list. How do you know you are in love? Leave your comment.

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